Cadillac ATS, CTS And XTS

Cadillac ATS, CTS And XTS

“As the current ATS, CTS and XTS run their natural course until the end of their planned life cycle, we will introduce two completely new sedans, positioned in different segments and clearly differentiated by size and price while exhibiting the latest evolution of the Cadillac design language,” a Cadillac spokesperson said.

Unleashing the top of the food chain for Cadillac onto the Autobahn is a bold move for the American luxury automaker — especially out of Munich and the shadow of BMW’s massive HQ complex. But, Cadillac wants to make a move into Germany to provide a sort of reverse American cache. In a realm where everyone with enough money reflexively grabs a Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Porsche, the site of the color-spangled Caddy badge turns some intrigued heads.

As for the Cadillac CT5 sedan, the automaker will be manufacturing the car at the same Lansing, Michigan-area plant that presently builds both the ATS and CTS. The factory will also be working on a “small luxury sedan” that will compete against the Audi A3 and other cars in its class.

To stay abreast of Tesla and others in the industry’s technology race, Cadillac will launch later this year its Super Cruise system that enables hands-free driving up to 85 miles (137 km) per hour.

Cadillac ATS, CTS And XTS

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