C-Class Convertible One for all days

C-Class Convertible One for all days

The first basic question in the cabri-building (fabric or hardtop?) Has already been answered, the second Mercedes has also been spectacularly solved: sporty or comfortable is the question, and Mercedes makes it sporty, with Neungang-G-Tronic and one unusually hard for convertibles Landing gear. Irritating is only the diesel engine of the test car, such a sporty vehicle requires a powerful sound from a petrol engine, but everyone can choose it. Even if the diesel is rewarded with a consumption of only 6.5 liters on average.

Even if the C-Cabrio is clearly positioned under the E-Cabrio, the C-model is a real four-seater without compromising in terms of driving comfort and fun. If somewhere a compromise had to be made (well, also the convertible must finally be where), the concession concerned the trunk. The is already for two people not lavishly rated, four of course is not better. For this reason, it is really comfortable on the seat backrests: the funds have single seat characteristics and can be divided into 50:50 for high everyday comfort. They can even be turned over completely – which is also not the case against the ski trip in the coming winter.

It’s hard to believe that there were days in the history of Mercedes, the legendary SL was the only available convertible. This is fundamentally different, since the previous year, Mercedes has also equipped the C-Class with its own convertible because the now presented E-Cabrio (report above) has also moved up a class.

The C-Class lineage is also recognizable at first sight, technically it is based on the platform of the Coupé, from which it also has the elegant, softly curved side lines and rather identically the ambience in the interior. What was perfected with the big brother of the E-Class in terms of the roof has also been implemented here in principle: a tight, fast-closing acoustic top which, when closed, makes you forget that you are sitting in a convertible. The processing is top, so Mercedes has achieved a real benchmark.

C-Class Convertible One for all days

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