C-Aircross Concept: the anti EcoSport planning Citroën

C-Aircross Concept: the anti EcoSport planning Citroën

Nor is it specified that it is to be produced in series. Exactly equal to how this prototype looks safe than not. But there is no doubt that Citroën will end up offering a model of series that takes base this C-Aircross. And surely it will have presence in the Mercosur.

No specific information has been provided on its mechanics or whether it has a four-wheel drive system. Although an internal command allows to select different management programs depending on the terrain on which it is being transited. Anyway it is not clear if it has 4×4 traction.

Other details that stand out in this prototype are its lights. Forward has a set of double optics and back has a unique 3D lights, each composed of three floating rings. Using the same tone, two blinds decorate each side in the third window.

According to Citroën, each of the parts that make up his body and the underside of the vehicle were designed taking into account airflows. In this way the air intakes of the horn and the sides and the diffusers of the rear sector stand out. The wheels have a very striking shape are other key elements in the figure of the C-Aircross.

C-Aircross Concept: the anti EcoSport planning Citroën 1

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