Bugatti on the road to electrification

The next Bugatti will be hybrid

“Our next model is not far from its development phase, but in view of the evolution of batteries and electric engines, it seems obvious that our future car will call for electrification in a way or ‘Another,’ said Wolfgang Durheimer. “It will be too early in my opinion to offer a 100% electric vehicle, but the electrification will be at the rendezvous.”

“We look at what our customers want. If we do something different, we will need ideas. But we are not in a hurry. Chiron production is expected to last eight years. “He concluded.

The CEO of Bugatti also indicated that the organization of the range was not fixed. A second model could be released later, which would delay the launch of a new Chiron. Indeed, the firm of Molsheim would be tempted by a strategy of alternation between the novelties. On the other hand, no one really knows what form this other Bugatti could take.

The next Bugatti will be hybrid

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