The Bugatti Chiron at 482 km / h

The Bugatti Chiron at 482 km

The Chiron could then reach 420 km / h, 3 km / h less than the Veyron Super Sport on paper. According to Andy Wallace, former winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and test driver of Bugatti, without limiter, and with the current production tires, the Chiron could reach 450 km / h.

A civilization inherited from the Veyron, the inspiration that, 10 years ago, already marked the spirits with its 1001 hp and a speed record set at 431 km / h. This gave him a few crunchy anecdotes: past 400 km / h the lifetime of the tires did not exceed a few minutes, requiring an immediate revision of a value of … 20 000 euros.

Bugatti reserves an attempt to record speed next year, organized on the large German test track of the Volkswagen group. During the press tests of the car, the boss of the mark suggested that it could probably hang 450 km / h.

But Andy Wallace, one of the official drivers of the brand, thinks the car could even exceed 300 mph (482 km / h). According to him, we should just develop tires capable of not exploding at this speed.

The Bugatti Chiron at 482 km

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