the Renault’s New Midsize Pickup

Bring out your inner cowboy

It was then time last year when the brand was too unsure that how much time it would take to release it in real flesh. But now it’s out sharing the same platform and styling cues as of the Nissan Navara. It will first go on sale in the South American market followed by other global markets. The new French pickup has a myriad of features that ensure comfort as well as superior ride quality. Plus, it also reminds you of the Navara at its first glance. Despite the similar styling cues, the brand has done every bit of it to draft an exclusive character to the ute taking inspiration from its concept version released last year.

Up front, it flanks the large chrome grille allied to a pair of sleek and modern headlamps, a well-contoured hood and black housing for the fog lamps lower down the bumper, which has been further graced by the chrome outlines. On the side, you’d be amazed to see pronounced wheel arches that house 16 to 18-inch alloys while nothing extraordinary can be witnessed at the rear end. There are just essentials at the back including vertical tail lamps, simple tailgate design and chrome garnished bumper which grant it a pleasing ending.

Renault’s truck is aimed at both professional buyers who need a workhorse, and customers looking for a tough pickup that’s capable of keeping up with their active lifestyle. Consequently, the lineup includes single- and double-cab variants, short and long beds, wide and narrow bodies, and even a cab-chassis model.

Aside that, though, many interesting things could be happening in the Renault-Nissan empire in the future. Mercedes-Benz is reportedly said to be preparing to build a luxurious pickup off the Navara and Alaskan.

As well, the next-generation Triton could be sharing many bits with the Navara as Nissan has taken a majority shareholding value in Mitsubishi. Nissan’s boss, Carlos Ghosn, recently told Thai journalists that there will be cross-purchasing of parts for both pickups in the future.

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