Bollinger Motors Reveals B1

Bollinger Motors Reveals B1

Created from a clean sheet using a lightweight aluminum architecture, the Bollinger B1 is innovating the truck category by building the world’s first fully working prototype of an all-electric sport utility truck. The B1 is painted in a special “Gunhouse” Grey, which is a nod to the road where the development work was completed, with black accents and a black satin wheel finish to complete the exterior appearance.

The B1 supports CHAdeMO high-speed charging and will be available with a 60 kWh battery good for 120 miles of range or a 100 kWh battery that can stay on the trails for 200 miles. The dual electric motors put out the equivalent of 360 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of instant torque, all the better for scrambling up and over those desert obstacles.

A few miles back east of that historic dairy spot is where Bollinger and his team have spent the last year or so working on the B1. Their shop is nothing remarkable — just a plain, dark brown four-door garage that the Google Street View cameras haven’t even laid eyes on since 2009.

Bollinger’s engineers set out to build a unique vehicle. “The B1 combines Bollinger Motors’ advanced all-wheel-drive system with our all-electric powertrain to produce best-in-class horsepower, torque and ground clearance,” said CJ Winegar, Bollinger Motors engineer. “This vehicle signifies a huge leap above what is currently on the market. There’s nothing like it out there.”

Bollinger Motors Reveals B1

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