BMW X7 testing in Nevada

BMW X7 en test dans le Nevada

After the new X3 in early summer 2017, BMW is preparing to lift the veil on a new SUV. It is called X2 and will be inserted in the range between the X1 (4.48 m) and the X3 (4.70 m).

Far from being as aggressive as that of the concept car, the general design takes the main features. The impressive taillights contribute to the overall compactness. Too bad that some originalities like the day between the roof and its spoiler have not been preserved.

This craft over 5 m will be able to take 7 people on board. It should also exist in hybrid version in addition to the 6- or 8-cylinder thermal solutions. Essentially destined for America and Asia, the X7 will use a wide range of technologies, including a semi-autonomous mode of driving.

By giving the premiere of stereotypes to a lifestyle medium, BMW positions the future X2 as a model apart in its range as Audi, less technical and more trendy. The BMW X2 will remain a true BMW. It will share its bases with the X1 and will likely release its engines.


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