BMW X3 30d xDrive 2017

BMW X3 30d xDrive 2017

Picture yourself as an Australian car executive. Frequently at the back of the queue for deliveries, sometimes you won’t get your vehicles in the country until they’ve been on sale elsewhere for upwards on six months. On occasion you may even be launching a new vehicle while the next generation has already been previewed to overseas buyers.

More fundamentally, the seats are very comfortable too, those in the rear, which optionally recline, serving a more comfortable posture and more space, too, this the result of a wheelbase lengthened by five centimetres.

The xDrive AWD system is also trickled down from the 7 Series, BMW claims. While it offers variable torque split between the axles, the M40i’s setup has a greater rear-wheel bias, befitting its sporting pretensions.

The bigger 30d might come later as a premium model or as a special M Sport edition but this is not confirmed. There is also the small chance that given how India is slowly moving back to petrol engines in the luxury segment,BMWmight actually toe the line by offering one of their smaller petrol engines on theX3in India as well. Expect the price to sit in the Rs 50-55 lakh range, on-road, when the new 2018BMWX3goes on sale in India next year.

BMW X3 30d xDrive 2017

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