The BMW X2 unveiled by a patent

The BMW X2 unveiled by a patent

The final model preserves the atypical silhouette of the concept, but differs from it in a less aggressive facies, a calender returned to normal dimensions, a front bumper without air inlets enlarged at least in the version registered for the patent and An attenuated rear bumper. Finally, the final X2 seems to have stockings of doors unpublished. Small stylistic detail to note, the model series retains the logo of the mark affixed to the rear pillar as on the concept car. Should we see a new trend in BMW?

This new Bavarian crossover could make a first appearance at the next Frankfurt Motor Show in September. It will then be marketed in 2018. Note that 2018 will also be the year of the X7, a model that will enthroned at the top of the SUV range of BMW.

We also talk about a rechargeable hybrid version probably named X2 25e or 25xe. This should receive the powertrain package of the Active Tourer 225xe strong 225 hp.

It is in September that BMW will unveil the model. This one should be available in concession during the first quadrimester 2018, that is to say after the Geneva show which will be held during the first fortnight of March next.

The BMW X2 unveiled by a patent

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