BMW X2 first pictures of the standard version

BMW X2 first pictures of the standard version

If the concept of the BMW X2 was presented in October 2016 during the Mondial de l’Automobile, it will still have to wait a few months to see the standard version on our streets, scheduled for 2018. And until now it had only Was photographed by our spies on the Nürburgring in April, but under a thick camouflage.

Today, we discover a little more details thanks to the illustrations of patents filed by the mark. Images of the future “SUV coupé” have indeed filtered. Close enough to an X1 style side, it recovers its technical base and will therefore be a traction like him in entry of range, with a similar length (4.45 m approximately). It will, however, be entitled to full transmission on certain versions. It will stand out by its more limited height and a tapered tailgate, but its stern will not be as marked “cut” as its big brothers X4 and X6.

These documents, which were to remain confidential, were published by a member of the French forum Worldscoop. Everything is there: a three-quarter front, the side, a top view and a three-quarter rear. The overall shape of the BMW X2 Concept is respected. Only the rear-view mirrors, door handles and wheel size have been revised to meet the requirements of mass production.

BMW X1 that will serve as the technical basis for this future X2 expected for next year. It is therefore the “traction” platform of the BMW group that also use the Mini. But this X2 should of course also be declined in integral transmission, especially with its most powerful mechanics. As for the dimensions, it will be remembered that the concept stretched on 4,4m. That’s about a footprint of a Mercedes GLA and 20 cm more than an Audi Q2.

BMW X2 first pictures of the standard version

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