BMW Will Make The 8 Series

BMW Will Make The 8 Series

As a brief history lesson for the youth, the 8 Series ended production in 1999. Some people thought it looked great, but never rose to a level of performance and sophistication you would expect from a Bimmer. Others still worship the old car. BMW hasn’t really given any indications that it would revisit the 8 Series, until now.

A BMW insider has confirmed to Auto Express that the move was not merely a case of the company ring-fencing the badges for possible future use, and that it reflects an imminent rejig of BMW’s GT line-up.

These features strengthen the already distinctive character of the Gran Turismo within the BMW 3-Series model range. So it is hardly surprising that the BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo appeals to a broad spread of customers worldwide. The major markets for the model are China, Germany and the USA. In Germany almost one in six BMW 3-Series cars sold is a Gran Turismo. And the BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo is recording high new-customer acquisition rates in the process. Almost every other customer in Germany and around two in every three people buying a BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo in the USA are new to the brand. In China that figure is more than 90 per cent. In purely statistical terms, China is the most important market for the BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo; around one in five of the 130,000 3-Series Gran Turismo cars sold so far have been handed over to customers there.

As far as engine options on 2017 BMW 3-Series GT Facelift are concerned, these include three petrol engines and five diesel engines. Petrol engines include a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine in the 320i offering 181 hp, a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine in the 330i capable of 246 hp and a 3.0 liter engine in the 335i offering 322 hp. Diesel options include engines ranging from 140 hp to 309 hp and a new 221 hp 2.0 liter diesel engine to be seen on the 325d.

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