BMW unveils M5 MotoGP Safety-Car

BMW unveils M5 MotoGP Safety-Car

Official partner for nearly twenty years of Dorna Sports, the organizer of the World Championship Moto Speed, BMW offers each year a new vehicle to officiate as a safety car of the series. And after the BMW M2 in 2016 and 2017, it will be the turn of the new BMW M5 unveiled last August, to take the role for the 2018 season.

In addition to the useful aspect, the media exposure of these sports events is interesting for the image of the manufacturers.

For almost 20 years, BMW has forged links with the organizer of the MotoGP Championship. In 2015, the brand had concocted a BMW M4 Safety Car. The new M5 will take over.

In order to work on the Moto GP race track, this M5 has also received some specific modifications: an LED bar on the roof, blue LEDs in the front bumper and flash lights in the front. On the other side, no changes: it’s still the 600-horsepower V8.

BMW unveils M5 MotoGP Safety-Car

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