BMW tests wireless load of electrified cars

BMW tests the wireless load of electrified cars

And it could indeed come true. In any case, the manufacturer is currently preparing a very useful recharge option for its 540th iPerformance, a hybrid plug-in. It takes the form of a plate to be laid on the ground, inside or outside, and above which it is necessary to park the car. Simple as hello and, most importantly, very practical on paper.

And thanks to the 9.6 kWh batteries located in the floor. Batteries that could be recharged by a conventional socket or Wallbox in just two hours, but BMW announces the arrival of a wireless charging system in the form of a block positioned on the ground.

Obviously, this new system called “BMW Wireless Charging” is still under development, but could happen in the coming months. It will be interesting to discover the price of this charging system can be more interesting for those who wish to get rid of the electric cables in the garage. Patience then.

BMW tests the wireless load of electrified cars

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