BMW shows car environment in 3D

BMW shows car environment in 3D

It is the ambition of the German car maker to evolve to connected cars that can largely drive independently. We are not here yet, but all BMW 5 Series Berlines and Tourings, which are available from November, with the option ‘Driving Assistant Pack Plus’, can automatically catch up on the highway at speeds between 70 and 180 kilometers per hour. Although we recommend to try it at the top speed, except on the German motorway.

Before you watch James Bond, we have to make it clear that BMW does not want to make a spy tool. So you can only make three pictures per two hours.

The feature is available for BMWs with the option of Surround View or Parking Assistant Pack Plus because the cameras are built-in. That’s the case with the BMW 5 produced since November 2016, and the BMW 7 vehicles have rolled since March of this year. The future BMW X3, BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo can also be fitted with it.

It is initially a security function. For example, who gets an alarm call can quickly see what’s happening around the car. But also the camera function can be used to find the car on a parking lot.

BMW shows car environment in 3D

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