BMW recharge its vehicles in wireless

BMW wants to recharge its vehicles in wireless

It is in a video posted on Youtube that BMW unveiled its charging station. The vehicle is currently only compatible with the hybrid model of the brand, the BMW 530e iPerformance, but should open to other models in the future.

The price has not been announced, but the system is being validated by official bodies, which should make it possible to offer the device very soon, especially as BMW announced the compatibility soon with the 330th, 740th, X5, i3 and i8.

Like wireless charging on smartphones, we can expect a rapid evolution and democratization on all car models as soon as the major manufacturers have looked at the issue. Scheduled for release in 2018, this wireless charging plate will be compatible with the 530e iPerformance hybrid, and with the i3 and i8 shortly, and is expected to cost up to $ 900.

This maneuver may seem complicated, since it is a matter of aligning the battery to the belt, vertically, by rolling over the platform. BMW has therefore devised a guidance system in the on-board computer, which makes it possible to carry out this operation with ease.

BMW wants to recharge its vehicles in wireless

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