BMW Prepares Updated i8

BMW Prepares Updated i8

Having already unveiled an updated i3 for the 2017 model year, BMW is reportedly working on an improved version of its performance-oriented hybrid, the i8. That’s the word from Autocar, which claims that a more powerful i8 with an extended range is set to hit the market by the end of next year. Details are scarce and BMW has yet to confirm such a model is underway, but the British outlet says that BMW is already testing road-going prototypes, while some features are being used in the i8-based Formula E safety car.

The electric motor carries three-cylinder gasoline engine of 1.5-liter at present, so it will also be upgraded as reported by Autocar. The total combined output of power would touch 420 horsepower while the current model reaches 362 horsepower.

Details on whether the battery packs will see an upgrade has not been furnished yet. However, BMW is known to be testing the Halo inductive wireless charging system along with its partner Qualcomm. So it makes sense to assume some advancements could be used on the facelifted i8.

The six-speed automatic transmission will also be updated, a factor that will contribute to the facelifted i8’s improved performance times. In terms of range, BMW is working on a revised battery pack, similar to what’s been done with the latest i3. An inductive charging system is being tested and will probably be offered as an option. Chassis improvements are also in the works and carbon fiber wheels are even rumored to happen. Expect the facelifted i8 to debut alongside the i8 roadster, which will benefit from the coupe’s improvements.

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