BMW New Roadster Z4 Concept Release

BMW New Roadster Z4 Concept Release

On August 17th, BMW unveiled “Concept Z4”, a study model for the new BMW Z4, at “Pebble Beach Competition Deregans” in California, USA.

Concept Z4 redesigned Roadster’s tradition such as long silhouette, low floor on long wheel base with BMW’s new design language. A short bonnet and a trimmed overhang brings the driver closer to the center of the car body, resulting in a sporty and quick feeling.

Another new feature is that “Buttress” (Cobb) integrated with the headrest at the rear of the cabin was introduced. This is one of the traditional design methods of the European Roadster and it is sometimes adopted also for Porsche and Ferrari spider models. It also serves as a design icon that highlights “wedge shape”, a typical design method for sports models.

German BMW has released a concept model “Concept Z4” that is a two-seater open according to the classic car event “Pebble Beach Competition Deregans” (Date: August 20, 2017) held in California, USA. We introduce the picture of the study model suggesting the design of the new “Z4” with photographs.

BMW New Roadster Z4 Concept Release

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