BMW M760Li xDrive

BMW M760Li xDrive 1

To many PHers the 7 Series is a hardy reminder of how far the mighty can fall in a short space of time. Predecessors to this new M760Li make for tempting bargain barges for brave PHers and early ones have even hit Shed Of The Week territory. It may be a little while before this car catches Shed’s wandering eye, given it costs £132,310 (over £50K more than the next most expensive model) and only a 100 of the 2,000 or so 7 Series BMW sells annually in the UK will be V12s.

While the new 7 series might not be something you’d take to the track, it does have all the performance you need for everyday driving as has an M badge. This is what a luxury sedan should be. Fast enough to take on some of the toughest sports cars on the street, a luxurious interior to rival the best of them, seating for the family, an 8-speed transmission and handling characteristics BMW is known for. The 2018 BMW M760Li xDrive might just be the value from the automaker in a long while.

No, it doesn’t handle like an M4 on the track, feel as responsive or visceral as an E30 M3, or carve up a canyon road like an M2, but it’s not meant to be a full M car. What the BMW M760i does deliver is uncompromised, state-of-the-art luxury with an edge of performance and a spectacular soundtrack from that big, burbling V12, and it reflects the balanced, everyday performance that BMW is offering in its M-Performance brand.

BMW M760Li xDrive

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