BMW M3 30 Jahre celebrates

BMW M3 30 Jahre celebrates

The M3 30 Jahre Edition comes in the exclusive color Macao Blue metallic, which once celebrated its premiere in BMW’s color range as a special option for the original E30 M3.

A similar theme can be adopted in the interior where the designers have also added special detailing on areas such as the door sills, headrests and instrument cluster. A numbered plaque indicating the individual model in the series is also featured on a carbon fiber strip on the dash.

The BMW E30 M3 was first presented to the world media to drive in the spring of 1986. The 2.3-litre engine produced 147kW and the car weighed just 1200kg.

Through subsequent E36, E46, E90/92/93 and current F30 generations, the M3’s power and potency has increased in measure with the car’s cult status.

For the interior there’s ‘M3 30 Jahre’ door sills, specially woven M seat belts and unique bucket seats, an Alcantara steering wheel, and a full Merino leather upholstery. Passengers can crank up the 16-speaker otherwise-optional stereo, which is thrown in for good measure.

BMW Australia is yet to confirm a potential launch Down Under, however, just 500 examples will be made globally, with 30 going on sale in the UK. If the edition makes it to Australia we can probably expect similarly-tight build numbers as the UK.

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