BMW M2 CSL revealed

BMW M2 CSL revealed

“As far the M2 CSL is concerned, which you might have seen, there are some rumours out in the media at the moment,” said Werner. “I cannot comment on it at all, but it looks fantastic, so there is more to come.”

The M2 CSL appears to be a key part of a broader plan to expand the BMW M family, and take advantage of strong demand for low volume, highly modified machines.

Indeed the exhaust burble – some of it artificial through the speaker system – is more enticing in the Competition, although it’s still more a deep drone than a fluttery match for the V8s that rival BMW’s longest running M.

The iconic M is now faster, too, punching to 100km/h 0.1 seconds quicker, at 4.0 seconds flat. That’s with the occasionally finicky DCT twin-clutch auto that jolts on full throttle upshifts in its most aggressive mode, one of many driver-selectable parameters that unnecessarily adds to the go-fast complexity.

Of the 700 GTS M4s being produced globally, just 25 are earmarked for Australia – and all have already been snapped up. Each has gone to a “loyal” BMW customer, with Werner claiming the company could have sold twice as many as are available in Australia.

“It’s a full blooded race track car,” said BMW Australia product and pricing manager for the M3 and M4, Howard Lam. “It’s a track car been made road legal, not the other way around.”

BMW M2 CSL revealed

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