BMW launches wireless charging for its cars

BMW launches wireless charging for its cars

Despite all the advantages that an electric (or hybrid) vehicle represents, there remains one major disadvantage: recharging. Whether at Tesla, Toyota, or Nissan, it’s impossible to escape. Recharging a car takes time, but at BMW, we already think about the future.

Before we know when it will be available on our territory, we hope to know the price of such a wireless charging solution. Indeed, BMW is about to become one of the first car manufacturers to offer such a solution and it may well be of interest to public authorities who are aiming to reinvent transport in the public space.

Although the block will not be available within a few years, it is unclear how much it will cost when it arrives, BMW is about to be one of the first manufacturers to offer a wireless vehicle to the ‘factory.

The first model of the wireless charger is expected to be available early next year. The 530e iPerformance Hybrid Sedan will be the first model to take advantage of the device, but other versions compatible with the 330e, 740e and X5 will have to see the light later.

BMW launches wireless charging for its cars

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