BMW and Intel want autonomous cars on 2021

BMW and Intel want autonomous cars on 2021

The German manufacturer of luxury cars BMW announced on Friday (1) plans to introduce a standalone car in 2021. This is the first time a major global automobile manufacturer puts a final date for the launch of a vehicle autocondução . The BMW project will involve partnerships with two technology companies, Intel and Mobileye. Currently, the driving systems present in car technology control steering, brakes and speed, but still need that drivers have some control.

According to the CEO of BMW, Harald Krueger, the system will be used by car launched by BMW in 2021 will work even without driver ( “driver-off”). The executive also said the technology would be available to other automakers, suggesting that autonomous vehicles could be readily available to consumers in less than five years.

Forbes explains that, in this application, users can post their questions directly to experts, scientists and public figures, such as the ‘AMA’. The difference? Users must pay to receive the answer (that comes through a voice message of 60 seconds). There is also the possibility of paying to hear the answer to another user. In this case, is paid the equivalent of 13 cents to hear the answer, money is divided between the user who asked the question and the ‘famous’ who answered with a 10% commission for the application.

In theory, you can get back the investment made and, in some cases, make a profit. A user asked Wang Sicong the son of one of the richest people in China, according to Forbes, about his ex-girlfriend. Sicong asked the equivalent of 405 euros to respond. The response was then heard over 17 thousand times, so that the original user received a total of 1,149 Euros.

BMW and Intel want autonomous cars on 2021

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