The BMW i3 passes 300 kilometers

The BMW i3 passes 300 kilometers

Good news for all lovers of electric cars, especially in the German BMW i3 city car. Indeed, the German manufacturer has decided to expand the range of its compact car BMW i3 and propose from the summer a version with a battery with a much larger capacity. With the highest density of lithium-ion battery cells, the capacity of the BMW i3 (94 Ah) is 33 kilowatt hours (kWh) battery size remaining the same.

Good news for owners of an i3 (60 Ah) who would gain autonomy. They can do upgrade their car and thus equip the new battery of 33 kWh. Recall that the BMW i3 remains available with an extension version of autonomy “Range Extender” which offers additional 150 km.

This new version is available in either electric, sold for € 36,690 costs or with the range extender gasoline, for a total of € 41,190. Strangely, the old battery remains the catalog, only all electric version. Given the small price difference (it is offered against € 35,790), no doubt she would soon be supplanted by the new arrival.

By cons, BMW offers something new: the possibility for a battery i3 possessor 22 kWh upgrade his vehicle with new batteries 33 kWh. The transaction price was not disclosed.

The BMW i3 passes 300 kilometers 1

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