BMW i3 gaining autonomy

BMW i3 gaining autonomy

BMW did as competition and declines its i3 with a new version with larger batteries that can drive up the autonomy to 300 km. And good news for current owners of i3: they will benefit from this upgrade with a move to the concession.

To get there, BMW and its partner Samsung SDL have rearranged the battery without changing the footprint to gain performance. However the overall weight increased by 50 kg (Kg 1245) but BMW guarantee an almost negligible impact on performance.

More good news: the “old” i3 will benefit from this new more powerful battery by an exchange in concession thanks to the modular structure of the car whose battery pack is accommodated under the floor (8 modules of 12 cells). The best density of the battery due to an optimization of cell pack with more electrolyte and optimization of materials obtained by the SDL Samsung official supplier. The guarantee is always 8 years or 100 000 km for this battery.

To accompany this new version, BMW offers a new color (Blue Protonic), new interior trim and a new domestic terminal to recharge (without elaborating on its capabilities). Note that the owners of the old version i3 can exchange batteries against the new, for a price that was not disclosed.

BMW i3 2017 autonomy up

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