BMW honors 02 Series

BMW honors 02 Series

The BMW 2002 Hommage is, pretty obviously, paying deference to the ol’ BMW 2002 Turbo, one of BMW’s best-ever cars, and the subject of what remains the single greatest car review ever written. In honor of its half-centennial, BMW created this concept, which appears to be a modern-day M235i that’s been stung by several large bees.

There are also a number of references to the 02. For example, inspired by the signature chrome strip that ringed the 02 in its day, a horizontal carbon band wraps itself around the shoulder line of the 2002 Hommage and splits the body visually into separate sections. And those chunky fenders recall the homologated version of the 2002 Turbo which came with a much wider track than the standard car.

As with other past Hommage cars, it would be great if BMW could find a business case in building its latest creation as many enthusiasts like retro-looking sports cars built on modern technical credentials.

Honestly, though I don’t love the look of the Hommage, I do have to give BMW kudos for looking back to its heritage. So many brands have an eye on the tech-heavy future. It’s nice to see BMW keep on eye on the autonomous future with cars like the iNext but also spend time reminiscing on its simpler past.

BMW honors 02 Series

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