BMW concept Z4 Initial release

BMW concept Z4 Initial release

Concept Z4 redesigned Roadster’s tradition such as long silhouette, low floor on long wheel base with BMW’s new design language. A short bonnet and a trimmed overhang brings the driver closer to the center of the car body, resulting in a sporty and quick feeling.

Concept Z4 expresses the tradition of BMW’s roadster design to long wheelbase and compact rear end. With a short bonnet and overhang, the driver makes it possible to sit more in the center of the car body. The large dome extending backward from the cabin has the rollover bar function.

In addition, Toyota’s Vice Chairman Uchiyamada (current Toyota President), regarding “joint development of sports cars”, the car must still be exciting. I’d like to get excited and exciting, design that makes me feel cutting edge, and environmental performance at the highest level. We aim to become a car that can say “This is a mid-sized sports car of the 21st century”, we decided to jointly develop it. I commented.

Because the wheelbase is long and the overhang is short and trimmed, the proportion seen from the side is sharp. The rising of silver descending from the rollover bar of the headrest to the bodywork draws particular attention and reminds us of past open top race cars. The elongated mirror is also the same color silver that adds an accent to it. The large air duct of the front fender passes through the door at the top end and extends to the rear fender, carving is carved deeply on the body side and a powerful shadow is carved.

BMW concept Z4 Initial release

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