BMW 8 Series is a cool coupe

BMW 8 Series is a cool coupe

And over its lifetime, BMW sold 30,621 8 Series Coupes, with exactly 24 of those hand-built at the Rosslyn plant in South Africa (for tax reasons, assembling the cars there was cheaper than importing them). More than two-thirds – over 20,000, then – were fitted with the V12, and just one in six came with a six-speed manual.

I think there is a lot more to this car than meets the eye. The i3 seems to be the only car over a long period of time where BMW actually took a risk and thought outside of the box. BMW went all out and built a car that was entirely new from the ground up. And when I say new, I don’t mean new, like the new 5 series is new. No, I mean new as in using a new approach with new materials, based on a new design and with a new way of propulsion, i.e. electric.

Under the bonnet of the new BMW M5, the M engineers have placed an updated version of is the 4.4‑liter V8 engine featuring M TwinPower Turbo technology. The further improved high-revving engine outperforms its predecessor in terms of power output and torque. BMW has yet to officially acknowledge the power output, but our sources say around 600 horsepower.

The wheels on the F90 BMW M5 in these pictures also look very good. They look similar to the wheels that normally come on M cars these days but have more spokes and look better. We also spot orange brake calipers, which would be a bit unusual on an M car, though it’s entirely possible that those calipers are just for testing. Typically, though, M brake calipers are blue. Never seen orange ones before.

BMW 8 Series is a cool coupe

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