The BMW 8 Series is already there

The BMW 8 Series is already there

After the teaser and illustrations by an independent designer, here are the first images of the BMW 8 Series concept, which have just appeared on the web before time. Indeed, the official presentation of the Bavarian coupe will take place during the competition of elegance of the Villa D’este, from 26 to 28 May in Italy.

And while waiting for all the official information, two first images escaped. There is a long, slender cut with an incisive look. The lower part gives priority to the guidance of the air flows, while being less excessive than the other 8 of the range.

The high waistbelt and the tilted and rounded horn are part of the style of the competitors of this Series 8: the Mercedes S-Class Coupe and the Lexus LC. The upper rear is not without evoking the latest Aston Martin productions. A relatively high spoiler is integrated into the trunk. Below, the line still seems stretched halfway up.

Rendezvous in a few hours now to officially discover the concept car announcing the return of the BMW 8 Series!

The BMW 8 Series is already there

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