BMW 6 Series will tackle the 911

BMW 6 Series will tackle the 911To do so, it could use an extended platform of the sports future jointly developed with Toyota. GranCoupé the current version of the 6 Series is not renewed but the new positioning of the 6 Series could allow BMW to introduce the 8 series in its range. And it would be proposed, particularly in four-door coupe.

BMW is preparing to reorganize its range of high-end cut. The next 6 Series should be transformed into true sporting able to compete with the legendary Porsche 911, but also the Mercedes-AMG GT.

If the current BMW 6 Series is more akin to a luxury sports coupe than a pure and hard, this may well change with the new generation. According Autoexpress, the next generation would address directly to the Porsche 911 coupe and cabriolet.


BMW 6 Series will tackle the 911

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