The BMW 507 Elvis back

The BMW 507 Elvis back

At the end of his service, Elvis has not brought the car to America voluntarily: as he too did not understand German, he was not aware that he had only rented the 507. C is that the US military has sent.

At the end of the rental car is returned at BMW. Subsequently, it was sold to a customer who has swapped his six-cylinder 3.2-liter supercharged against an American V8. Then the car was sold to an engineer who scrapped for two decades.

According to the story that is because female fans left him messages written flaming lipstick on her body that the King decided to have it repainted in red (the original livery was white).

It was then believed that this convertible lost for more than five decades. Found in barn find, as the saying goes, in disrepair and in accordance with the previous owner’s wishes, Jack Castor, thus followed a complete restoration process started in the spring of 2014.

Luckily the body and much of the chassis were always original. Which was not the case of the rear axle. It was replaced by a spare room of unknown origin. This “Return to Sender”, despite the concerns of the restoration team, was the beginning of a long process to now find the car of the King almost like new.

The BMW 507 Elvis back

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