BMW 2002 born

BMW 2002 born

Best then to focus on how it looks, because BMW is much keener to talk about that. While officially marking 50 years of the 02 series, this Hommage car most clearly draws upon the 2002 Turbo for its aesthetic. Indeed, BMW’s Head of Design Karim Habib describes it as offering “its own sassy, almost brash character of the 2002 turbo.” So there are familiar BMW cues, incorporated with additional retro themes.

See the shark nose, kidney grille and Hofmeister kink for proof of the former, BMW suggesting that they promise a “driving experience that thrills with irresistible dynamics and agility.” But then this wouldn’t be a Hommage concept without a host of retro references, so BMW has packed the 2002 with cues from the past too.

Habib insisted the chrome strip that surrounded the original car’s entire body would not work on the 2002 Hommage, but the philosophy is still there. It has been replaced with a full-length carbon-fibre strip that also wraps around the bootlid and even dives behind the fat front wheel-arch and re-emerges to act as the indicator above the headlight.

The rear too, takes the original 2002 concept and gives it a modern twist. The rectangular rear lights feature glass covers that only show the inner light workings when illuminated. When off, it’s a straight black surface – like a ‘strip’ wrapped around the car. To this, you add air intakes, said to boost air flow around the car for that all-important downforce.

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