Bentley Continental Supersports


Marking the ultimate evolution of the brand’s W12-engined Continental GT, it’s also the most powerful road car the firm has ever made, with a peak output of 700bhp at 5900rpm.

The power increase – a 79bhp step over the standard car – is down to a pair of higher-capacity turbochargers and uprated intercooling, allowing the Supersports to run higher boost. The extra stress this creates on the reciprocating components means Bentley has also uprated the main and conrod bearings. The ZF ‘box also locks up quicker, all the better for transferring that massive torque in the most effective manner. A revised exhaust system (optionally in titanium) helps draw gases from each of the twelve combustion chambers.

With a redesigned Continental GT just around the corner, we’re likely looking at the last version of the current-generation coupe and convertible. This is bound to have well-heeled collectors drooling.

Deliveries for the new Continental Supersports will begin later this year. As one would expect, this high performance model will demand bit of a premium over the regular Continental GT Speed.


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