Bentley Continental GT ready for the apocalypse!

Bentley Continental GT ready for the apocalypse!

Does this change the feelings of driving? Not at all. Being behind the wheel of a Flying Spur, even 635 hp, is always a sublime ship of more than 2,5 tons, which certainly provides unexpected straight line accelerations, but which does not isolate you from your environment to better wrap you in leather, wood and opulence.

Driving a Flying Spur is not so much to drive an athlete as to feel part of a sports club, some of whom have indeed made a name for themselves in sports, for example at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Why talk about this mastodon? In addition to its beautiful photos published on the eBay ad and its insolent image, it is also to announce that the model has still not been sold, and that after being questioned by the teams of Autoguide, the owners reportedly have assembled 37 likely buyers.

With the online auction ending in 7 days, the £ 17,000 currently requested (about 20,000 euros) should increase dramatically! Are you ready to participate in the auction? Anyway, we would love to find her in a movie!

Bentley Continental GT ready for the apocalypse!

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