Aventador S first drive review

Aventador S first drive review

Toward the end of this year’s event at The Quail, I was scheduled to drive the 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S from Lambo’s outpost at the event. The time slot didn’t bode well for traffic, but I thought I had a plan to combat it and find some open road.

Like the revised coupe, the roadster picks up rear-wheel steering and Lamborghini’s Dynamic Steering for better stability and sharper dynamics as well as revised rear springs and modifications to the variable dampers for a broader depth of compliance. EGO allows the driver to set up his preferred criteria in each mode to suit his driving style.

Actually, there is one extra sacrifice to choosing the convertible, and that would be the price. The Aventador S Roadster has a starting MSRP of $460,247. That’s roughly $40,000 more than the coupe. That could get you a well-optioned and customized Aventador S coupe, but no amount of custom interior configurations can get you the full auditory experience the Roadster can.

The Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster will start arriving in customer driveways in February 2018, with pricing in Europe kicking off at 313,666 euros ($466,829).

Aventador S first drive review

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