Autonomous Car Land Rover launches

Autonomous Car Land Rover launches

It was July 10 passed the rumor had grown which we wrote about a recent article above by announcing that English Jim Ratcliffe was in talks with the leaders of the group Jaguar – Land Rover to boost production legendary 4×4.

A week after the information is completely belied via an official press release, or the Jaguar Land Rover group confirmed that there was no plan for a return to the classic Defender. The many fans who will be disappointed will be comforted with the replacement for the legendary 4×4 that will come to see 2018 2019.

Between its various ultrasonic sensors, cameras and radar LIDAR, the Land Rover vehicle is for example able to detect if the soil up to 5 meters in front of the car is covered in snow or mud. In fact, the manufacturer has equipped its autonomous car of an arsenal of systems, whether the Overhead Clearance Assist can detect obstacles in suspension and warn the driver if the height is insufficient to pass, systems Terrain Response and Land-Based speed Adaptation (TBSA) that detect irregularities of the ground and the coating to adjust the speed, etc.

Added to this is a technology for communicating vehicles in the same convoy: the lead vehicle will serve as a scout, and the data collected on the ground and the vehicle’s response will be forwarded to others for their allow to adapt their behavior and possibly to avoid being blocked or collide.

Land Rover did not mention release date of his vehicle, what we do know is that it will focus unquestionably to the high-end segment. The question is whether an AI will truly be able to show performance in crossing, and if drivers leave their vehicle control software costing a small fortune on steep terrain.

Autonomous Car Land Rover launches

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