Audi’s new A8 is a tech tour the force

Audi's new A8 is a tech tour the force

Such figures make for impressive bragging rights in the luxury sedan league, where rivals like the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class loom large with imposing numbers of their own.

The Audi’s level three autonomous driving in particular moves the game forward, as the A8’s the first volume production car with the ability to assume full driving control in stop-and-go traffic up to 60km/h. This Traffic Jam Pilot system will be introduced as different countries’ laws allow for it, but unfortunately it wasn’t a feature fitted to the test cars on the A8s I drove at the international launch in Spain last week.

The styling exudes an elegant and confident stature, and the sheer size will appeal, while also paying good dividends in terms of cabin space. With technology, Audi has taken things a notch higher. Remote parking doesn’t need a special fob, your smartphone will do just fine, and while stretch seats are common in this crowd, a foot massager isn’t. Also, worth mentioning is the Dynamic all-wheel steering the active suspension.

So, can it succeed here? Audi’s new flagship does have its work cut out for it, and being an import it isn’t going to be cheap or highly customisable, and that’s something that penalised its predecessor here. So there’s a lot riding on the final sticker price and the levels of technology and equipment Audi decided to bring to India.

Audi's new A8 is a tech tour the force

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