Audi will present its Q8 very soon


It should not be forgotten that before the production of this Q8, Audi would have to put on the market, still in the same range, the e-tron (to which the Q8 concept borrows the front panel) Concept presented at the Frankfurt 2015. This model is supposed to be inserted between the Q5 and the Q7. As everyone knows, it will be proposed only in 100% electric motorization.

We note however the mention “4 places”. For a vehicle of this size, it is always a little surprising ... But its direct competitors, the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupé, show the same trend. The fifth place, in the middle of the back seat, is smaller and less comfortable, as is usually the case for these large luxury SUVs.

It is true that the firm with the rings can not delay any more against its competitors German premium. BMW and Mercedes, not to name them, already offer five or six SUVs, in different declinations. The firm at the propeller launching for example the X2 and X7 already in 2017 …


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