Audi and Volvo choose Android

Audi and Volvo choose Android

Connectivity and infotainment are playing an increasingly important role in cars. No longer you come as a manufacturer with a somewhat woody working system that does not know how to handle the latest platforms. Volvo switches Google’s help and within two years we need to find the latest technology giant’s Android operating system in new Volvo models.

Patrick Brady of Google promises Auto Android users a unique experience. “We are developing a fully integrated infotainment platform with a wide range of Android Apps and Google services.

The company also promises integration of its intelligent voice assistant Google Assistant, allowing drivers or passengers to give voice commands while driving.

The fact that multiple automotive brands use Android does not mean that all systems will look the same. Volvo has already announced that the brand will use its own graphics shell and also the Audi prototype has its own layout. Tomorrow makes Google more aware of his new car operating system.

Audi and Volvo choose Android

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