Audi unveiled a new A8

Audi unveiled a new A8

It is followed by BMW (with 1,975) and, thirdly, Audi, the luxury brand of Volkswagen, which sold 1,621 cars in the first six months of the year.

Beyond the rankings, luxury brands are growing well above the market. Whereas in the first semester the patenting of autos rose 31.6%, Mercedes-Benz did 280%; BMW, 172.4% and Audi, 78.3%.

The Audi A8 incorporates several handling assistants, among which the semi-automatic steering mode is emphasized for certain situations like the parking or, during the march, the automatic emergency braking. In the comfort section, the biggest innovation in the cabin is a foot massager for rear passengers.

Its hybrid mechanics incorporates several technological advances that optimally reduce the fuel consumption, being the most relevant the system that allows to roll with the engine off at speeds of up to 160 kph.

Audi unveiled a new A8

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