Audi TTC could replace the A3


According to the Germans of Auto Bild, Audi would look for a solution to sell better its three-door A3 which is simply referred to as A3. This could include the introduction of an unprecedented TTC by 2019. This Audi would benefit from the aura of the TT coupe to impose a model halfway between a current A3 (three-door) and a TT. The lines of the TT would be used in a volume closer to that of a three-door capable of accommodating four passengers on board, rather than “2 + 2”.

In such a perspective the A3 five-door currently referred to as A3 Sportback would probably become “simple A3”.

The days – or rather the months – of the Audi A3 may be counted, at least in its basic variant, in three doors.

We can also see that ideas for developing a TT range are not lacking in Audi.


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