Audi sports and city electric provided

Audi sports and city electric provided

Der Spiegel relies on documents relating to the searches conducted at Audi on Wednesday. The searches are consecutive to the revelations concerning rigged engines equipping Audi models sold in the United States.

Justice also conducted actions at the headquarters of Ingolstadt and its Neckarsulm site, as well as at the homes of certain employees.

Even if the R8 e-tron was abandoned, Audi then plans to launch an electric sports car on the same platform as the SUV. The car would have for rivals the BMW i8, however plug-in hybrid. “There will be a very emotional form on the structure. We will present ideas very soon,” says Stadler.

To finish, the third model will be a 100% electric sports coupe. Audi has already tried the adventure with the R8 e-tron which has not been a success. This time, Audi hopes to come to set foot on the borders of the only current competitor, namely the BMW i8 which is, it is recalled, a hybrid.

Audi sports and city electric provided

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