Audi Q8 hybrid SUV coupe concept


The current Q7 SUV has been a huge sales success for Audi, so it’s easy to see why the company made this decision. That doesn’t mean it’s going to do away with the A8 sedan; a new version of that car is due later this year. But the Q8 uses the same underlying platform and, we think, will find many more buyers thanks to the added practicality. It’s a looker, too.

The Q8 draws heavily on a pair of recent Audi concepts, the e-tron and h-tron, with plenty of styling cues pulled from the company’s past. The flared wheel arches and the C-pillars intentionally call to mind the iconic Audi Quattro of the 1980s, for example.

Audi claims the Q8 has a 60km range on pure electric power, propelled by a 17.9kWh lithium-ion battery mounted in the back of the car, and that it can return fuel economy of 2.3L/100km in hybrid mode.

Effectively, it places information directly into the driver’s line of sight, as though they are a part of the outside environment. For example, a navigation arrow indicating a turn ahead seems to appear on the road surface itself, like an actual lane marking. Audi says that notifications from the Q8’s driver assistance systems work the same way.


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