Audi Q4 will make its debut in 2019

Audi Q4 will make its debut in 2019

However, the Q4 will not be the first SUV cut to land in the Audi concessions, as the big Q8, which was discovered in Detroit and then Geneva, will make its debut in 2018. The time to embark on this niche, it now seems determined to counter BMW and Mercedes on the juicy market of SUV coupés.

Finally, we learn that the second generation of the large A7 sedan will also arrive in 2018. The latter should therefore benefit from much of the innovations that will be presented on the new A8, unveiled in a few months. Audi has definitely not finished showing a good financial health …

Although it is already one of the most complete of the market, the Audi range seems to have finished growing. While it reveals its (good) financial results for the year 2016, the Ingolstadt manufacturer confirms the arrival of future models, including the Compact SUV Q4 which will enter the market in 2019.

This one will be a declined version of the future Q3, which should also be launched in the next two years. Its objective will be to compete with the Range Rover Evoque, but also the next BMW X2, whose concept was unveiled at the Mondial de Paris six months ago. Despite everything, the SUV to the propeller risks to grill the politeness, since it should arrive from 2018.

Audi Q4 will make its debut in 2019

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