Audi Makes Strides On Piloted Driving

Audi Makes Strides On Piloted Driving1

In essence, the technology can calculate various maneuvers and inputs in advance.

Recent improvements to Jack come in the way of passing, particularity with regard to larger vehicles like trucks. Jack now does it with a wider lateral gap, and signals for lane changes in a more human fashion. Jack is also quite tolerant, deciding how to maneuver accordingly when others need to merge.

Different “driving profiles” can switch between a range of driving styles – an advancement, perhaps, on the current Drive Mode system in some production Audi cars, which changes suspension, steering, transmission, and engine response to different “Dynamic” or “Comfort” settings – and thus affect whether Jack accelerates or brakes when another vehicle wants to merge in its current lane.

Computerized cars that drive more like humans aren’t an entirely new concept. Mapping company HERE – acquired by Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler – has previously argued that autonomous vehicles will need to tone down their precise road manners in order to avoid passenger discomfort.

Because it is a programmed system, it always adheres to proper driving etiquette unlike even some of the most experienced drivers who could have bad days and neglect simple road manners.

The processing capabilities of the system is made pretty sensitive by sensors that help it create a visual model of the vehicle’s surroundings, with accurate readings of the traffic conditions. With all this in place, it is able to calculate its next compute its upcoming decisions in advance.

Audi Makes Strides On Piloted Driving

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