Audi makes the best cars

Audi Q8 concept

Dangles at the back anyway besides Fiat with a score of just 41 out of 100. Audi scored 81 out of 100. Only Jeep – that other brand of Fiat – is stumped, with a 45 hundred. For the haters: Volkswagen is also deep in the list. Finally, a side note, this is a list based on brand operating in America. Which draw not present many different European brands.

The result? Americans love the German. How else do you explain Audi one on site, Porsche and BMW Laats two number three? Then come in handy Lexus and Subaru in the mix. One difference from last year, because then the last two brands were over Porsche and BMW. the best mark of its own continent, which Tesla with an eighth place.

North America may well have been the catalyst for what we now know as Diesel Gate, the average American is anything but wake up the sjoemelsoftware. For the second year in a row, Audi scored the highest score as a car brand in the annual survey by Consumer Reports. Taking into account customer satisfaction, a rijscore predicted reliability and safety. Corporate shall not be included in the score.

Audi Q8 concept

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