Audi launching tech offensive $200,000 A8

Audi launching tech offensive $200,000 A8

Legislators around the world, including Australia, are still deciding on how best to implement them on public roads.

Both items are level-three autonomy, where the manufacturer takes over liability from the driver for the car’s actions. That brings a potential minefield of legalities that governments have yet to deal with.

Speaking of which, the reason we couldn’t experience the autonomous driving technology out on the road is because of legislation road blocks. While the technology is ready and incorporated, the governments around the world are yet to give it a go ahead and sanction this level of artificial intelligence out in the open.

I also expect that this kind of technology will also polarise people – those who are for or against self-driving cars. But the bottom line is, this is the future of automobiles and that new era begins now.

Audi launching tech offensive $200,000 A8

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