Audi just unveiled a stunning hybrid SUV concept


The Volkswagen subsidiary unveiled its new SUV concept, the Q8, at the Detroit Auto Show on Tuesday. The hybrid SUV will serve as the basis for a production model slated to arrive in 2018.

Speaking of the e-tron quattro concept, one could say that it actually had a more coupe-like exterior design compared to the Q8 concept, yet the latter definitely took the extremely futuristic cabin layout presented in the e-tron quattro and brought it closer to production readiness.

And yes, all the monitors inside the Q8 concept (except for the speedometer and power-meter) are touch-sensitive, which helped Audi reduce the overall number of buttons, allowing for cleaner and neater cockpit aesthetics, especially compared to its rivals.

Well, it’s coming back, according to Mark Fields, Ford chief exec (or, as locals call it, ‘Fords’). It’s going to be based on the Ranger pickup, so think body on frame, roughy toughy and cheap. And it will be built in America, in the same plant as it was before; Ford’s Michigan Truck Plant in Wayne County.


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