Audi A7 piloted driving concept

Audi A7 piloted driving concept

The A7 is also reliant on new high-performance processors that help model the surrounding area enabling the computers to predict the future, or at least other drivers’ behaviour.

As well as the new concept, Audi has also announced it is working with the German government to develop car-to-car and car-to-road infrastructure communication.

Furthermore, the automaker’s piloted driving system can calculate a route that would feature larger and longer self-driving sections, and the human user of the vehicle can decide which route to select for their trip.

The carmaker has also announced a partnership with the city of Ingolstadt, which will involve implementing sensors in intersections. These sensors will be used as infrastructure for self-driving cars, but they will be installed starting next year, while test operation will begin in 2018.

Some of the manoeuvres learnt by ‘Jack’ include putting more space between it and a lorry when overtaking, as well as signalling upcoming lane changes using the indicators and moving closer to the lane markings first, just like a human driver would.

Audi already offers autonomous driving functionality in its latest A4 and Q7 models. Traffic jam assist is capable of controlling the car without driver input in selected conditions, as long as the driver stays in control.

Audi A7 piloted driving concept1

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