Audi A3 three-door meets some difficulties


According to the Germans of the magazine Auto Bild, the brand to the rings obviously would seek to better sell its A3 three doors, and this would eventually pass through a recasting of the product in question. Audi could indeed introduce as of 2019, a vehicle still unpublished that some already name “Audi TTC”. This model will benefit from the aesthetic attributes of an Audi TT by subtly blending the whole with the livability of an Audi A3. So it will probably be a kind of four-seater Coupe rather than a simple 2 + 2.

The three-door Audi A3 clearly constitutes a niche for the entire A3 range. Indeed, the Sportback version (5 doors) is much more acclaimed, and even if this one does not fit, the solution A3 sedan can also be envisaged for those preferring the variants to chest. But what can Audi do with his three-door A3?

This is not the first time that the rumors flourish on the canvas concerning the creation of a real range around the Audi TT. Some concept cars have drawn inspiration from the style of the small German Coupé such as the concept Audi TT offroad or the Audi TT Sportback concept presented at the 2014 World Motor Show.


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